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What is Spirit of Golf?

Spirit of Golf is a peak performance program that offers a unique and pioneering approach to the development of athletic and human potential through the power of the Mind. Through a variety of events that are held throughout the United States and soon internationally, we help athletes and non-athletes alike become aware of the unfathomable power that thought, emotion and belief has in shaping both a golf game and a life.

One of the most important principles we share is that we can have anything we want and desire by believing in it and imagining it through the Mind. This is as true with a golf shot as it is with anything else. It is how we internally activate an idea through imagination, emotion and belief that either brings something into our experience or pushes it further away.

In a very real sense, our thoughts become our things, which is why the power of the Mind can no longer be overlooked in the development of peak athletic or human performance.

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Is there a philosophy that you advocate for golf improvement?

Indeed, there is. The traditional way most of us approach golf improvement goes something like this: I am unhappy with my game because my scores are lousy (not what I expect) and I’m not having any fun. If I fix my swing, my shot-making will get better, my scores will improve, I will become a better player and then I will be happy.

We feel this approach is backwards. First of all, performance-related happiness seldom lasts. There is too much of a yo-yo effect. If I’m playing well, I’m happy. If I’m playing poorly, I’m miserable. We “live and die” by future results, instead of bringing feelings of happiness, confidence and empowerment to the course and maintaining these feelings regardless of performance or score.

As we clean up our inner worlds, the things outside of us magically and effortlessly fall into place. Scores improve, not from grinding or trying harder, or really from trying at all, but from the natural flow of the calm, focused and joyous energy that is at the core of peak performance and who we already are.

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Who is Spirit of Golf for?

While Spirit of Golf is for every level of golfer, it often appeals to those who are ready to incorporate mind (mental and emotional) skills into their games. As a result, we have developed highly simple and tangible skills and techniques to assist those who:

• Want to access empowering states of confidence, commitment, trust, and other positive emotions as they practice and play
• Have difficulty focusing, visualizing, or concentrating
• Recognize that negative emotion (impatience, anxiety, frustration, or anger) is severely limiting performance
• Do not handle nervous pressure well, whether early in the round to take pressure off or later as pressure begins to mount
• Struggle with the yips, shanks, or any of golf’s countless “mind maladies”
• Have tried “everything” to improve and come to believe (falsely) that nothing has or will work

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How does Spirit of Golf compare with traditional sports psychology programs?

As a peak performance coach, I am often asked the difference between traditional sports psychology concepts and those shared through Spirit of Golf. While the two approaches have components that often complement each other – each methodology, after all, does have an athlete’s best interests at heart – the strategies for improvement are often quite distinct.

For starters, we do not believe in the long-held, pathological and sometimes psychological view of “brokenness” or the need to fix anyone or anything.  Instead, we share skills that tap into the fullest potential of the human spirit.

Unlike the “talk therapy” used in many traditional psychology models (let’s analyze unpleasant memories or issues in order to get to the bottom of a problem by talking it out), Spirit of Golf teaches athletes to “not talk” about any parts of their games they do not want to further energize, experience, and see (a Law of Attraction concept discussed below).

This distinction alone often helps to dispel the reluctance I hear quite often from potential new students that Spirit of Golf is yet another psychological program that involves an uncomfortable visit to the “therapist’s couch.”

With a total emphasis on solution rather than problem, and with skills that are developed not indoors but on the courses and courts, athletes are taught to focus more fully on the shot at hand from an empowered and emotionally stable state of mind. Action comes from a more conscious and powerful internal space known as the here and Now (The Zone), and athletes learn to activate with incredible precision the energy that allows them to deliberately tap into states of peak performance time and again.

This here and Now philosophy becomes especially important to understand since Spirit of Golf is based not on psychological models but rather modern “energy” principles surrounding Quantum Physics (a field of Infinite Possibilities), meditation, yoga, and other body/mind practices, and the metaphysical Law of Attraction, fields I have studied extensively for the past 25 years that are at the heart of what I successfully coach and share.

At the basis of each of these arenas is the concept that whatever we focus upon we attract into our lives; that our “thoughts become our things.” How this applies to peak performance in both athletics and life is as significant as it is profound. More specifically:

  • If we rehash, relive, talk, or commiserate about anything we don’t like, we not only give the subject more energy – kind of like pouring more gasoline on an open flame – but actually begin seeing more of its proof.
  • If we train the mind, and more specifically the emotions, to feel greater optimism, hope, and belief – the hallmark of what is shared through Spirit of Golf – we see the proof of that energy, too (on a cellular level within the body as well as with what the Universe begins sending our way).

In either case, we begin to manifest the evidence of our happy or unhappy self-talk and states of mind. Success or failure no longer appears randomly or by chance, but rather as the most natural byproduct of our joyful or ornery thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

Through this methodology, we help participants learn to deliberately and consciously shift their energy out of the past into highly-powerful states of peak athletic and human performance. We begin to create wonderfully empowered lives through the unfathomable power and energy that can only be accessed in the present moment; the here and Now.

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How do you address expectations surrounding peak performance?

We believe the “optimal” mindset is one where intention and desire are balanced with an acceptance of what already is. We have a strong and passionate desire to get the ball into the hole while calmly accepting whatever results may come our way.

Whenever intention is on a wild sort of overdrive – which becomes raw, unharnessed emotion that goes well beyond intention – there is little tolerance of our mis-hits with an immediate emotional reaction that is volatile and out-of-control. On the other hand, with what seems like too much acceptance – which is not really true acceptance anymore – we become lethargic and unmotivated and lose our drive (literally and figuratively) to play well. We check out mentally and emotionally and lower our expectations because we don’t want to feel the frustration and disappointment of not playing well.

As we are being mindful of the entire internal process, which is always going to ebb and flow, we become increasingly aware of what is needed for the shot at hand. We have the ability to monitor whatever state our intuition is asking us for; more importantly, we have a new set of skills that allows us to consciously shift and raise or lower our energy to match the demands of whatever comes our way.

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Is Spirit of Golf about “trying harder?”

Not at all; in fact, we believe just the opposite is true. By becoming more aware of the tension that arises out of the anxiety, doubt and fear we hold in our minds, bodies and hearts, and by going to the source of the tension – our thoughts, emotions and beliefs – we begin to release the things holding us back. Performance grows from more empowering thoughts and beliefs, rather than from the tension and resistance we pump into the cells of our muscles and joints whenever we are “grinding” or trying hard.

This mental/emotional/physical shift enables us to play with more creativity and enjoyment, at which time performance tends to effortlessly improve. Natural learning occurs because we stop the critical, self-destructive behaviors that were the only thing keeping us from achieving our goals in the first place. We learn to “get out of our own way,” and we achieve our true potential faster with less mental, physical and emotional tension, resistance and “dis-ease.”

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Tell me what you mean by “awareness.”

Most of us approach our day-to-day lives (golf games included) with only a limited amount of internal awareness in any given moment as to the content of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Much of the chatter that goes on inside our heads is automatic, repetitive, incessant and mind-less. We lack a deliberate and conscious approach to living our lives, and we conduct most activities like robots out of reactivity and repetition.

With increased self-awareness, observation and attention, we begin to let go of and shift away from the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that are self-destructive — both on and off the course. By changing our way of thinking, we change our way of being. We understand and experience more enthusiasm, enjoyment and freedom – through this path lays the route to better performance.

Instead of reacting to what we don’t like, we begin to create and attract the things in life we dream about and desire. We happily achieve, rather than making our achievements the only reason we can be happy.

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Do you teach ways to get into the Zone?

Just about every athlete in any sport has at one time or another experienced the powerful feeling of playing in “The Zone.” While many have tried to describe with words the often indescribable feelings and sensations of The Zone, several qualities seem to stand out time and again.

The Zone is a highly euphoric, blissful, and hypnotic state of peak performance; a total body/mind experience of heightened awareness where critical thinking dissipates, movement flows effortlessly, time stands still, and performance optimizes with ease and flow.

As with all emotional mind states, The Zone is not a vague “out of body” experience waiting to happen to us, but instead an “in here” state of beingness that is patiently waiting to express itself in our games. The Zone offers us extremely powerful feelings of serenity, flow, and ease; energies that mirror the deepest and most powerful essence of who we really are.

So how does it happen?

When we ask players how they got into The Zone, most don’t have a clue. In fact, they tell us that it was either by accident or a mystical experience that somehow found its way to them (most just as mysteriously fall out of The Zone with little idea why).

While The Zone can at first seem elusive or hard to tap into, it is a mind state that we can begin to consciously and deliberately access more and more of the time.

What’s most important to understand about The Zone is that we cannot grind, chase, or struggle our way into feeling it (negative emotional energy of any kind will not let us into The Zone; it will also immediately kick us back out.)

Instead, in order to feel our way into The Zone, we must first get out of the analytical, self-critical, thought-driven energies of the head (it is not a mental state that we can “think” about and find). By allowing ourselves to access states of trust, acceptance, and letting go, we free ourselves to “feel” the more powerful energies of the emotion-driven heart.

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You talk a lot about the “body/mind” as an energy system. Can you explain what that means?

As human beings, we have fooled ourselves into believing that most of who and what we are lies in the appearance and functioning of a physical body. We perceive the world around us through the physical senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste), often ignoring the intuition and gut hunches that come from a deeper and more powerful place than what we normally perceive.

Especially in golf, we spend much of our time and energy focusing on the “physicality” of the sport, trying out the latest tips and techniques at the expense of a well-trained mind. By focusing almost exclusively on the external in golf, we ignore the first and most important cause of any shot – thought, emotion and belief.

In truth, each of us an awesome and infinite source of internal energy which is patiently waiting to express itself through us in every moment in time. The key is to tap into this indomitable flow of energy and transmute its power, something we can do only by harnessing the potential of the Mind.

Wanted or unwanted, we create and manifest whatever we focus upon in our lives. That is why the energy system of the mind/body and the power of thought can no longer be ignored or underestimated in the field of human potentiality.

Every story we tell ourselves long enough – whether we are aware of the internal dialogue or not – eventually manifests in physical form and becomes true. The issue surrounds how aware we want to become of the stories we keep telling ourselves.

The bottom line is that a quiet, peaceful, focused mind will allow our games to be in “flow,” both within our bodies and within a Universe that says a resounding yes to everything we truly think that we deserve.

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Can you speak of the difference between motivation and inspiration?

Inspiration has a very different energy and feel to it than does motivation. Inspiration is accessed from within – it is “in”-spired – giving it an energy that is more sustainable and powerful than any energy which comes from others as they try to motivate us into place.

Those who rely on motivation to improve performance often become dependent upon others for a false source of power, at which time they unplug themselves from the wisdom and inner guidance which true inspiration provides. Often at the core of motivation is a false sense of external power and control, with underlying messages of “Someone other than me knows better than I do what it is best for me” – or – “I know what is better for you than even you.”

Whenever we attempt to motivate from a place of bullying, intimidation, yelling, or fear – low vibrating energies which are filled with unconscious manipulation and control – we are ultimately disempowering those whose lives we touch. It is when we first inspire ourselves that others become inspired to uplift themselves. Motivation is replaced with inspiration, an unfathomable source of power which can only emanate from within.

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Explain more about the “attractive” power of thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

We start with the notion that all thought is highly creative. This cannot be said enough. Whatever we think and believe, positive or negative, happy or sad, is what we vibrationally energize and what manifests in our lives. This concept is known as Law of Attraction, and it is regarded by many as one of the most important non-physical, Universal laws there is.

We often say that there is not enough action in the Universe to offset misguided or negative thinking. Neither the muscles and joints in our bodies nor the Universe itself will cooperate with a mind that is full of thoughts, emotions and beliefs that are out of alignment with our dreams and desires.

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Can you further explain Law of Attraction and how it fits into Spirit of Golf?

A basic premise of Law of Attraction is that there is a strong energy that vibrates constantly inside each of us in every moment; an energy that is a reflection of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. This energy is best identified inside of us as an emotional mood.

The energy is highly magnetic and attractive, bringing to us in manifested physical form the things – wanted and unwanted – that are a direct match to the signals we broadcast outward to the Universe through the stories we repeatedly imagine and share.

Whatever we give our attention to, which is often very different than what we want and desire, is what eventually shows up in every aspect of our lives.

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How does the field of Quantum Physics tie into golf?

This relatively new field of quantum physics is a field of infinite potentiality; a wild matrix of thought energy with concepts and ideas bouncing off each other to form an intricate web of interconnected experiences in our lives. The quantum is the Universal equivalent of the Law of Attraction, which says, too, that thoughts become things.

At the heart of both teachings is the notion that nothing in this intelligent and highly-organized Universe happens to us randomly or by chance.

Even this very notion can become a very disturbing concept for those of us who do not want to look at our thoughts in relation to what happens to us or appears in our lives. It does, however, become a phenomenally empowering message for those of us who want to take charge of our golf games and lives, since at its core is the promise that there is absolutely nothing in the Universe that we cannot do, have or be – simply by imagining it through the mind and believing it into being without contradictory thought.

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Is Spirit of Golf a “religious” program?

Not at all.  The “spirit” we talk about is nothing more or less than the energy and passions so many of us bring to the game; indeed, there is a spirit to golf and of golf that is undeniable, indomitable and resolute. To this end, Spirit of Golf does not ascribe to a dogma or single religious tradition.

We do, however, borrow from and share many of the meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques taught in Eastern-culture philosophies.

It is our contention that as we learn to still and quiet the mind of its restless and useless chatter – most effectively practiced through breathing and meditation techniques – we access unbelievably powerful levels of inner stillness and present moment focus that can be channeled toward our golf games or any area of our lives.

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Are all Spirit of Golf events athletically focused, or do you ever conduct seminars and workshops for businesses and other non-athletic organizations?

The concepts that we share through Spirit of Golf are just as applicable for businesses and non-athletic organizations as they are for golfers and athletes in any sport; after all, peak performance in any venue always begins within the imaginative power of the mind. To this end, Tim N. Kremer, M.A., president and founder, is increasingly involved with corporate executives and business management teams who want to take the powerful and innovative “inner energy” concepts we share and introduce them into a business environment.

Obviously, some of our private events still combine business with golf, as peak performance in golf will always be the perfect metaphor for skills that lead to success in both business and life.

Feedback we receive on Spirit of Golf consistently reports that Tim’s pioneering style and approach is much appreciated and refreshingly innovative when compared with those who offer programs modeled after a more traditional business-oriented approach.

Tim is quickly becoming a highly sought-after motivational and inspirational keynote speaker and peak performance coach as his reputation in the relatively new field of Conscious Athletics continues to grow.

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What do you mean by empowerment?

Our culture primarily is “pathologically” based, which means that most of us focus more on problems and on what is wrong with ourselves and others than we do on what is right. Pathology assumes a life view in which each of us learns merely how to cope, fit in and survive rather than to excel, move beyond and thrive. We end up settling for being far less in our lives than who we are capable of becoming.

The empowerment (Manifestation) process we share provides tools and techniques for shifting disabling attitudes and bringing into our lives visions that become fully manifested. It enables aliveness and capability in a way we never thought possible before. It is about boldly and courageously attracting our highest visions through the shifting of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

In the process, we learn how to harness the passions of our hearts and the power of our minds to create the joyful expressions of who we already are.

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Many of your music products use brainwave technology. Can you explain more about this technology and how it works?

Every state of mind has a unique electrical signature that can be detected in the brain. These signatures, or signals, are known as “brainwaves.” Brainwaves can be measured and recorded using specialized equipment such as an EEG machine. This equipment allows us to map what brainwaves are present during certain key states of mind. For example, we know the exact brainwave patterns that exist when we’re relaxed, focused, sleeping, angry, anxious, or virtually any mental or emotional state.

By using a process known as “brainwave entrainment,” which involves playing specially-created audio sounds into each ear, we can actually influence these brainwaves. This means we can help bring about key states of mind – such as relaxation or focus – at will just by listening to these special “brainwave entrainment” recordings.

With that being said, we should never underestimate the power of music and sound. Some music entrains the “brain/body” into very desired, empowering and feel-good states, while other music entrains the body into sad, angry or reactive states. The key is to consciously and deliberately observe how we are feeling when we listen to a song (and to stay away from music that doesn’t make us feel good!)

Our audio CDs –Guided Imagination, Practice, Breathing and Thoughts of the Day – were specifically produced utilizing leading-edge technology in order to help calm and gently refocus the critical parts of the brain. The alpha and theta frequency stimulation of the soundtracks help to redirect limited and critical thinking into brainwave patterns that are much more creative and focused.

With repeated listening to the audio tracks on our CDs, the mind effortlessly shifts into greater balance and harmony with the body. The re-aligned energies of thought, emotion, and belief are then in greater synchronization with the movements of the body (including the golf swing) and everything else that we do.

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What things make Spirit of Golf different from traditional golf instruction?

Feedback we have received from teaching professionals everywhere supports our view that most students who do not progress with swing skills are limited – not from physical restrictions – but because of tension in the body that results from negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs. To this end, we offer a highly complementary approach that we strongly believe makes it much easier for anyone to access and utilize their physical talents and skills.

We know that Spirit of Golf is not for everyone nor should it be. We do not offer any quick fixes for peak performance and improvement. We do not make false promises that score is going to improve or that we can help you add distance or accuracy to your shots.

We do, however, strongly believe that everything physical is best developed and practiced from a calm, confident mind and one where thoughts and emotions are in sync with the movements of the body. We share a process of self-discovery that evolves over time, with changes that we believe to be more profound and far reaching than anything that can be learned through swing and score alone.

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What is the difference between a Spirit of Golf workshop, seminar and clinic?

Workshops and seminars are conducted in a classroom-type format away from the golf course, and no hitting of balls or on-course play is involved. It is our strong contention that many of the mind/body practices we share are best learned away from the golf course so that effective new habits can be learned in a “neutral” environment – free of habit and negative reactivity and emotion – and then assimilated during practice or play.

Clinics are the hands-on component of what we share; however, we still begin in the classroom with a shortened version of our principles before moving to the range or course for practice or play.

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What happens during a Spirit of Golf presentation? What can I “expect”?

We start by helping you learn the fundamentals; not of your golf swing, but of your Mind.

By better understanding the unfathomable power that every thought and emotion has upon a golf shot – the new rules of the game, so to speak – you’ll learn to shift away from unwanted stories and replace them with ones that empower you and allow you to access profound mind/body states of confidence that can be directed toward golf or any aspect of your life.

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Are events geared toward a specific skill level?

Not at all. Because we focus on mind/body and energy skills, Spirit of Golf can benefit players of all levels of ability with a desire to learn.

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How do I find out more about sponsoring or attending a Spirit of Golf workshop or clinic?

Send us an e-mail at or give us a call at 772-879-1978. We would be happy to work with you regarding setting up an event or informing you of one that you may want to attend. Our contact information is at the bottom of the page.

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