Anne Marie Palli, LPGA Tour winner

As soon as a conversation with her begins, it is readily apparent that Anne Marie Palli, LPGA(Scottsdale, AZ) is originally from France. Golf has been a constant in her life, and as the daughter of a golf professional she has played since the age of four.

Anne Marie has the distinction of being the first Continental player to qualify for the LPGA Tour and the first European professional to win on the LPGA Tour (1983 and 1992).

She has a record of 26 amateur wins including multiple European titles and the Junior World Championship title in 1972, held at Torrey Pines defeating Hall of Fame players Nancy Lopez and Amy Alcott.

That same year, Anne Marie was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal from the French Academy of Sports. She was the 1982 Women’s Mini-Tour Player of the Year finishing the season with 9 wins. In 1983 she went on to become the first ranked qualifier to receive her LPGA card.

Following her retirement as an active LPGA player, Anne Marie has spent the last 10 years teaching while continuing to work on her golf skills and knowledge. As a founding member of the Women’s Senior Golf Association (WSGA), Anne Marie maintains a schedule of play on the Legends Tour. She is an elected member of the WSGA Board of Directors of the Legends Tour. Anne Marie is Medicus Golf Machine certified as well as a Clear Key certified instructor. She is a member of the LPGA Teaching Division.

Anne Marie is a true golf enthusiast and a devoted student of both the technical and mental and emotional aspects of the game. When not teaching, you can find Anne Marie on the golf course enjoying the game both competitively and socially, where her enthusiasm and passion remain eternally infectious.

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