Peter Croker, PGA

Portrtait Pic of Peter Croker from KTG WebsitePeter Croker, PGA (Victoria, Australia) started his passion for golf as a caddy at Royal Melbourne Golf Club in Victoria at the age of 12. His search for ways to play and enjoy the challenges of the game has since remained a lifetime journey.

Peter’s time as a junior golfer culminated in winning the Queensland Junior Championship, and as a Trainee Professional he won the Trainee Championship of Victoria in 1971. He was second to Bill Dunk in the 1976 Australian PGA Championship.

In 1981, Peter formed the Australian International Golf School. He appeared in 1995 as the cover story in the Masters ‘95 Edition of Golf Digest, where the heading stated “YOUR SWING OF THE FUTURE.” Today, Joe Hallett (coach to Stacey Lewis) and Martin Chuck (Master Instructor with Revolution Golf) credit Peter as having a strong influence on their coaching methods following their attendance of Peter’s schools and their study of his book – The Hit.

In 2007, Peter was awarded the “PGA Teacher of the Year” for the State of Victoria and is currently based at Eagle Ridge Golf Course on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.

Peter strongly believes that all golfers wishing to enjoy and become competent in golf must first address their emotional state of mind, which is at the heart of the teachings of Peak Performance Mind Coaching and where Peter and Tim Kremer first met (they have since become lifelong friends.)

Peter can be contacted through his website and is available to deliver schools and workshops in Australiasia, Asia, Europe, the USA, and Canada. His mobile is: +61415292549 and email is