John Ruark (The Putting Professor), Peak Performance Mind Coach

john ruarkOriginally from New Jersey, John Ruark (San Rafael, CA) came to the San Francisco Bay Area as a pilot for World Airways, after many years flying for the Air Force. The challenge of learning to fly with precision and becoming an FAA certified flight instructor provided him with a unique foundation for his transition into golf as a teacher and coach.

John has worked with and coached all levels of players including those presently at the tour level. As an assistant college golf coach at a California University, his main focus is on putting, the short game, and the mental/emotional part of the game.

His search for mastery is an ongoing process, and today John utilizes Peak Performance Mind Coaching concepts as major components for the “mind game.” A meditation practice combined with extensive research on what constitutes elite performance continues to be a part of his everyday passion.

John can be reached at 415-497-7627 or at