Jeff Overholt, PGA of Canada

jeff overholtJeff Overholt, PGA of Canada (Toronto, Ontario) is a recent winner of the Canadian “Junior Leader of the Year” award, and brings to his students a unique skill set as a leader in both junior golf development and strength & conditioning.  As a PGA of Canada Class “A” member and certified coach for New Competitors, Jeff has worked in various capacities with many of the provinces best competitive junior golfers during the past eight years.  He was awarded the “Coach of the Year” award in 2013 and currently serves as the Head Coach for the York Regional Team.

Jeff has his undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa and has multiple certifications geared toward youth athlete development from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and other organizations.  He is also a regular presenter at coaching conferences, where he is a highly sought-out expert in youth athletic development and for the training of sport coaches.

Jeff is always well prepared and is on the cutting edge of athletic development principles.  He has tremendous experience coaching teams and individuals at events and in training camps.  He is a great communicator whose expertise lies in the realm of conditioning, tactics, and biomechanics.

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Jon Roy, PGA of Canada

jon royJon Roy, PGA of Canada (Toronto, Ontario) is the first-ever recipient of the “Coach of the Year” award for Canada and he is also the only coach in Canada with both CNC and CDC certification – the governing certification system for coaching sport in the country.  Jon was awarded the “Junior Leader of the Year” award in 2007.  As a long-time and highly decorated Class A professional, Jon has coached countless players to personal-best performances and has helped hundreds of families to successfully navigate the variegated waters of competitive golf.

Jon has worked with players at all levels of development, but the majority of his work in recent years has been focused on high level junior players looking to bring their games to the highest levels.  Acting as the head provincial coach for many years, Jon has worked with the very best athletes in Ontario while also mentoring coaches throughout Ontario.  Jon has travelled across the globe coaching teams and individuals in competitions and training camps.

Jon’s coaching strength lies particularly in his ability to communicate with young athletes and to align their aspirations with a clear and focused game plan.  His expertise covers topics of self-management, sport-psychology, tactics, and the short game.

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