Brad Skupaka, PGA

Brad Skupaka, PGA (Moorestown, NJ) is the director of instruction of four GolfTEC locations in the Philadelphia area. He grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and began playing golf when he was only 10 years old. Brad has competed on the professional long-drive tour for several years, qualifying for the Re/Max World Long Drive Championship on three occasions where he posted his longest drive in competition of 432 yards. He has since retired from long drive but still actively competes in Professional Philadelphia Section events.

In his tenure with GolfTEC, Brad has taught nearly 10,000 golfers of all skills levels. His teaching philosophy is based upon getting golfers to hit the ball high enough, far enough, and straight enough for their desired skill level. In doing so, he helps students find a better emotional and mental state which helps them optimize performance while on the course. Brad believes there is no single aspect of the game that is more important than any other; accordingly, he has educated himself as a “total instructor” in allowing him to best help each student.

In addition to being a Peak Performance Mind Coaching Certified Instructor, Brad is a TPI Certified Golf Coach, Stack and Tilt Network Instructor, U.S. Kid’s Golf Coach, and in 2014 he was nominated for the prestigious GolfTEC Coach of the Year award. Brad currently resides in Maple Shade, NJ with his fiancé Nicole and two dogs Zoey and Molly.

Brad can be reached at