Anthony (Tony) C. Rutz, Peak Performance Mind Coach

tonyrutzTony Rutz (Boise, ID) joins Peak Performance Mind Coaching as a life coach after a successful career in environmental protection and restoration and later in the nuclear energy industry. He has a long history in competitive athletics, playing and coaching baseball, basketball, football, soccer, golf, and in keeping fit through appropriate lifestyle choices.

As a Certified Instructor, Tony is on a renewed quest to be of value and service to others while utilizing the principles he has learned in part through Peak Performance Mind Coaching. He completely gave up the game of golf twice, only to return each time more humbled, compassionate, contrite, sincere, and alive (and now, as he describes it, more skillful and passionate about the game that mirrors the game of life than ever before).

An engineer/scientist by nature and by academic training, Tony specializes in humor to jiggle the serious “realities” which so often complicate golf. He hopes to help players at all levels find the deep well of satisfaction that comes from conducting oneself honorably, skillfully, and playfully through the human experience both on and off the course.

Tony earned a BS degree in Biological Science at Michigan State University (with a minor in Mechanical Engineering), and a Master of Public Health degree in Environmental Health from the University of Michigan. He is married, has four grown and successful sons, and lives in Boise, Idaho.

Tony can be reached at 208-521-5105 or at