Our Coaching Philosophy

Each of us has known athletes and those from many walks of life with incredible talent who find ways to self-destruct because of sabotaging attitudes and beliefs.  Likewise, others with seemingly average and ordinary potential have risen to unbelievable levels of success, less because of raw physical talent and skill than inner qualities such as inspiration, vision, imagination, and desire.

At Peak Performance Mind Coaching, it is our strong belief that the ability to thrive and excel must at some point transcend physical skill development and integrate it with the power of the mind.  It is the “energy” of this mind power that allows the body to move with incredible precision, flow, and ease.

Blending Motion with E-Motion™

The hallmark of the Peak Performance Mind Coaching Process – indeed, what separates it from most sports psychology programs – is the innovative way we blend mind skills with physical technique. Our approach is far removed from traditional talk therapy, as coaching is not spent discussing or rehashing problems.

We start with a basic premise based on leading-edge brain research that says, “Whatever the mind focuses upon is what we reinforce and see more of.”  It is with this in mind that we offer a paradigm for improvement that is proactive, solution-oriented, and effective beyond compare.

Bottom line, we teach athletes to integrate the movement of the body with the focus of the mind – what we have come to refer as a process of “Blending Motion with E-Motion.”™   It is through this process that we share highly tangible skills that allow athletes to access an internal energy that is powerful beyond compare.

The Peak Performance Mind Coaching philosophy is actually quite simple:  think like a champion, act like a champion, feel like a champion, be like a champion.  Within the energy of this mindset is an opportunity to tap into an internal power most have never accessed before.