Testimonials for Tim N. Kremer, M.A., Peak Performance Mind Coaching and Spirit of Golf

“I have known Tim for a long time and appreciate the messages that he continues to share. His commitment in helping people to improve is genuine and sincere, and there is not one of us who plays this game who would not benefit from the mental and emotional skills that he teaches. Thank you, Tim. I would have never been out here without your help.”

– Jim Herman, PGA Tour (winner of the 2016 Shell Houston Open)


“Tim is the first coach I have come across who has given me the practical skills I was missing to take my mental and emotional game to a really high level. Everyone out here talks a good game about better focus, not beating up on themselves, and one shot at a time; Tim actually teaches how this is done.”

– Jhared Hack, 2015 web.com Tour 


“I don’t know much about golf, but I do know Tim is incredibly knowledgeable and full of wisdom about human beings: body, mind, and spirit. He writes incredibly clearly and beautifully and teaches how to master yourself – and hence the game of golf – or any other human endeavor. His mastery of new paradigm physiology and decades of golf experience makes his work important for any serious – or joyful! – golfer.”

– The late Candace Pert, PhD, an internationally recognized researcher involved in the discovery of opiate receptors and the actions of receptors in the body (related to emotions)


“Tim shares what I believe is an exceptionally powerful and innovative approach for anyone who wants to think or feel their way around the golf course with a better focused, less reactive mind. In fact, through Spirit of Golf Tim delivers some skills and techniques that are unlike anything I’ve heard or seen before. I have observed firsthand the incredible progress being made by many of our students who listen to and then apply the principles that are shared on the Spirit of Golf materials (informational CDs). I have also seen a dramatic change in how I teach and play golf, as well as in many other parts of my life.”

– Nick Paez, owner of 5 Ohio GolfTEC Centers, 2013 Golf Digest Top 40 Under 40, GolfTEC Teacher of the Year, NOPGA Teacher of the Year, Golf Digest Top 100 Fitter America __________________________________________________________________

“Tim has taken some of the latest and most advanced concepts in the new field of mind/body development and is making them available to golfers and others through Spirit of Golf. He offers a pioneering and leading-edge approach to peak athletic performance that will serve anyone extremely well. I believe that the information he shares will become the new standard for improvement in golf, and I encourage those who are interested in taking their programs or games to a higher level to attend one of his events.”

– Linda Vollstedt, former Arizona State University Golf Coach (1980-2001) who won 6 NCAA Championships and has mentored 22 LPGA Tour Players. She has been inducted into the National Golf Coaches Association (NGCA) Hall of Fame as well as four additional Halls of Fame


“I have been following Tim and Spirit of Golf for some time now and have truly enjoyed and learned a whole bunch of great ideas that have helped me to play better. There is no substitute on Tour for a winning attitude and the belief that comes through the power of the mind. I believe that the real improvement in golf during the next several years will come from those who learn to harness their emotions and attitudes and imagine their success.”

– Chip Beck, PGA and Champions Tours, who recorded the second 59 in PGA Tour history in 1991


“The skills and techniques that Tim shares through Spirit of Golf are unlike anything I’ve heard or seen before. This is a leading-edge program that offers an innovative approach to mental and emotional development on the golf course, and I highly recommend a workshop or clinic to any athlete who wants to take his or her game to a whole new level.”

– Lynn McCool, Director of Golf, Lough Erne Golf Resort, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland


“I found Tim’s presentation to be very practical and insightful, and I highly recommend a Spirit of Golf workshop for anyone who wants to use the power of their minds and emotions more effectively for their golf games or any part of their lives.”

– Ivan Lendl, ranked as the world’s top tennis player from 1985-87 and in 1989


“Tim is at the forefront of groundbreaking research about how to think on the golf course. He’s tapping into a new way of controlling your emotions in golf and life and attracting what we want instead of what we don’t want.”

– Jerry Tucker, PGA Master Professional & Golf Digest Top 100 Teacher


“Spirit of Golf adds an important component to golf learning and improvement that many students and instructors would love to experience every time they practice or play. Tim provides simple opportunities for golfers to better understand the power of their thoughts and emotions, and in doing so to start ruling their thoughts and emotions versus having their thoughts and emotions rule them.”

– Dedric Holmes, Senior Director, Life Skills Education, The First Tee


“Tim Kremer’s Spirit of Golf redefines the issue of ‘mind over matter.’ His approach brings the player into “The Zone” with real tools for the mind. He presents a strong case for a belief system that allows the competitor to execute every shot with the ease and grace of a champion. Thank you, Tim, for your powerful contribution to the game.”

– Billy Burke, PGA Instructor, Jupiter, FL


“The next frontier in excellence …

Jay Loar, former Head Coach Men’s Golf, Southern Methodist University


“I look forward to and enjoy your daily emails and have listened to the DVD (Practices, Skills and Techniques – Part 3) numerous times. I find myself using more and more aspects of your ideas every day, and really have become comfortable in combining the mental side with the mechanics of the golf swing. It has really given me a new outlook on my game and my students have improved greatly as well.”

– Ed Campbell, PGA, Director of Instruction, Tres Marias Club de Golf, Morelia, Mexico


“Spirit of Golf, which emphasizes the psychological and emotional aspects of the game, is the perfect ‘next step’ for the college level golfer. Young men and women at this level have well-developed physical skills, and are ‘primed’ intellectually and maturity-wise for understanding the relationship of the psyche and emotions to their games. I guarantee they will be extremely well served, both athletically and personally, through participation in this program.”

– Richard J. Correnti, Ph.D., University Vice President (retired)


“Tim, today’s workshop was a winner! There were all ages and ability levels in the room, and everyone got involved. Very thought provoking and applicable to life as well as golf.”

– Michael Neary, General Manager, McArthur Golf Club, Hobe Sound, FL


“I’ve been Lawn Bowling off and on since 1982. Nowhere have I ever read such beautiful meditations or thoughts for the day relating to sports. Much of what you write (about golf) can be applied to Lawn Bowling and at 81 years I need all the help I can get. I want to thank you for the effort and work that you have done to create such a beautiful website. May you be blessed in acheiving your every dream.

– Dolores


“Wow! I loved everything Tim had to say at a recent workshop I attended. I have been struggling for a long time with the mental part of the golf game. Lack of focus, distractions, getting angry at myself for not executing shots the way I know I can. Most of all, missing short putts! His concepts helped me to gain a new perspective and a relaxed approach. An acceptance for my game, mistakes, great shots, what ever. I won a team event tournament the very next day!!! Didn’t miss any short putts, a first for me!!! Thanks Tim”

– Julie O’Connell, Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA)