Brian Creghan, Swing and Peak Performance Coach

briancreghanBrian Creghan (Havre de Grace, MD ) is a golf performance coach specializing in helping top-level amateurs and professionals realize their full potential. Although it is his foundation, Brian’s expertise extends far beyond the mechanics of the golf swing as his clients seek advice from him regarding the short game, putting, and course management strategies.

Most recently, Brian has been exposed to the science behind emotional mastery through Tim Kremer and Peak Performance Mind Coaching. As a competitive player himself, Brian recognizes the emotions as a critical aspect for success at the highest levels of competitive golf.

After growing up near Philadelphia, Brian attended Guilford College in Greensboro, NC where he became an All-American for the Quakers’ golf program. Brian would then move to California where he taught at a myriad of facilities over a 9-month period. After almost a year on the west coast, Brian moved back east to embark on a professional playing career. Before long, however, his practice rounds were consumed with helping other players. Coaching is (and has always been) Brian’s passion, so it comes as no surprise that his career path has led him here.

Brian now resides in Havre de Grace, MD (with a seasonal base in South Florida), and he travels frequently to meet the needs of his professional clients. Along the way, he often stops to help top-level amateurs and club professionals.

Brian can be reached at 610-608-4898 or at>


Dave Saunders, PGA

As a member of the PGA, Dave Saunders (Gaithersburg, MD) has devoted his career to helping players of all levels improve their games using a comprehensive approach to development. By focusing on the mind game with his players, along with swing instruction and club fitting, he has helped students play the best golf of their lives.

In 2004, Dave began teaching the game of golf. He continues to balance a full teaching schedule specializing in private coaching. This schedule includes a golf program with upwards of 200 students ranging from the very beginner to high level college players, as well as maintaining a busy playing schedule consisting of golf tournaments and pro-amateur events throughout the Mid-Atlantic Section.

In his spare time, Dave enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and of course, golf.

Dave can be reached at 240-654-0796 or at>