Jerry Lehrman, Spirit of Golf Coach

Jerry Lehrman 200Jerry Lehrman (Minneapolis, MN) has been on a lifetime quest to better understand many of the mindful mysteries that seemed to happen only occasionally both in golf and life. He was always intrigued from unexplainable occurrences on the course that there seemed to be something more about how best to approach not only the traditional learning and playing, but most importantly the enjoyment of the game.

Despite rewarding improvements in his own play (he competed in state and national competitions) there was one piece that seemed to be missing. That led Jerry ultimately to Sprit of Golf and, with his love of teaching, he has furthered his studies to become a certified instructor in order to pass on these teachings and help others make a paradigm shift in their mental and emotional approach to golf.

Previously, Jerry was a Vice President and General Counsel of a public communications services company prior to his retirement. Most recently he helped coach a high school golf team for five years and is currently a tournament rules official for the Minnesota Golf Association. His coaching provides a number of flexible options for his students to begin developing a quantum leap to their game of golf.

Jerry resides in Minneapolis, MN and has 3 sons living in New Orleans, Boulder, and Phoenix who are on their own passionate journeys with the game of golf.

Jerry can be reached at 763-443-4455 or at jplehrman@gmail.com>