Every state of mind has a unique electrical signature that can be detected in the brain. These signatures, or signals, are known as “brainwaves.”

By using a process known as “brainwave entrainment” – which involves playing specially-created audio sounds into each ear – we can actually influence these brainwaves. This means we can help bring about key states of mind, such as relaxation or focus, at will just by listening to these special “brainwave entrainment” recordings.

This Spirit of Golf CD was produced by James Feagans and Kimmara Rosehart-Feagans of Music for Candles utilizing leading-edge technology in order to gently refocus the self-critical parts of the brain. Beautiful music is masterfully combined with theta frequency stimulation to gently redirect critical thinking patterns inside the brain, resulting in a mind that is much more harmonized and creatively focused.

A truly enjoyable listening experience on the golf course or any time you want to relax. Great for yoga and meditation practices, too. Click the link at right to listen to a sample.

Theta is available only as a Music Download (mp3).


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