Noel Flannery, Peak Performance Mind Coach

noel flannery - CopyNoel Flannery joins Spirit of Golf as a Certified Instructor from Edinburgh, Scotland (“from where the game was first played,”as he loves to point out) following a highly successful career as a multiple national motorcar racing champion.

Racing cars at exceptionally high (life or death) rates of speed afforded Noel the unique perspective of a sport that requires nothing short of performing “in the Now,” providing him with a skill set that, in addition to new Spirit of Golf techniques, he uses within the professional racing community as a peak performance coach.

Today, Noel manages the operations of professional race car teams and is able to assimilate many Peak Performance Mind Coaching concepts into his daily work as he mentors drivers and teams.

As a golfer who is relatively new to the sport, his progression into a single-digit handicap player is a testament to his passion for improving in every aspect of the game – physical, mental, and emotional.  When he is not busy at work or having fun at golf, Noel enjoys spending time playing snooker and relaxing with his partner, Clare.

Noel can be reached at