Instructor Certification Registration

The Instructor Certification process takes place in two stages:

  • Level 1 is a pre-certification home study program that starts with an online package of materials for instruction and review. The purpose of pre-certification is for you to “test the waters” to see if full-certification is a good choice. Level 1 pre-certification may begin at any time. The cost of this option is $295 (non-refundable since a great deal of proprietary materials are sent).
  • Level 2 Instructor Certification is the second segment of the certification process and is designed for those who wish to achieve full certification status. It is a full-day intensive program with Tim that takes place regularly in Florida (Tim also travels throughout the country to certify instructors who are interested in private certification at their home facilities).  The cost of this option (balance due) is $995.

Call Tim directly at 772-879-1978 to discuss either certification option.