Seminars, Workshops, Clinics

Tim N. Kremer speaking at the PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit

Tim N. Kremer, M.A. is the guiding force behind Peak Performance Mind Coaching (formerly Spirit of Golf, LLC).  Each year, he travels the globe offering events – seminars, workshops, clinics – in which he shares visionary mind coaching techniques.

Best of all, the skills Tim teaches are practical and easy to understand.  After an event, you’ll be able to immediately assimilate into your game new performance skills as you:

  • Discover how the inner world of emotion (attitude and mood) precedes how the body moves.  You’ll start to feel movement with flow and ease or tension and resistance.
  • Are introduced to breathing, imagination, visualization, and focusing techniques. Best of all, you’ll begin to quiet the mind of its excessive and unproductive stories and self-talk.
  • Access a calm, confident, Zone-like state of mind.  You’ll learn practical skills you can take with you onto the courts and courses and everywhere you go.

Not Your Typical Sports Psychology Program

Tim offers a variety of practical and leading-edge mind coaching techniques you most likely will not have heard of before.  Peak Performance Mind Coaching is NOT sports psychology (click here for the difference between the two). Coaching is proactive and solution-based and very different from traditional talk therapy.

Tim’s philosophy is that we reinforce inside the brain everything we think and talk about.  In effect, we see the things we believe. Talk about problems and there will be more problems to talk about. Use the mind to imagine solutions and the brain and body will powerfully move toward those, too.