Vikas Dan, PGA

vikas 225Vikas Dan, PGA (Slovenia, Europe) began his golf career at the age of 12. He was introduced to golf as a caddy and in just three years played to a five handicap. His greatest playing achievement was winning the title for National Amateur Champion in 1994 and finished in 11th place in the British Junior Open (Scotland).  Because he felt at home with teaching the game, he applied for professional status at age of 19 and began working as an assistant professional at Bled Golf & Country Club, one of the most well-known golf courses in Slovenia. He successfully coached youth sections and completed the PGA qualifications in five years.

As the technical and psychological aspects of the game left him frustrated, Vikas began his journey of self-discovery in the East. There he found the possibility of different “mindful” approaches to playing golf and devoted most of his time to studying and understanding how the human mind works.

In 2010, Vikas graduated from the Faculty of Tourism Studies (Portorose, Slovenia). In the same year, he published his first book entitled, “Golf from the Inside Out – A Guide through the Inner Game.” Knowledge from his book was successfully incorporated into his game and twice he ranked among the three best teaching pro’s in Slovenia. As a result he represented Slovenia at the International Team Golf Championship for golf teachers in Portugal (2011 and 2012). In 2013, Vikas successfully completed the PGA of Europe- Golf Teacher Education Program (Level 2) and is a member of Golf Academy Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Vikas has extensive experience in teaching for more than 15 years and is proud that he has been able to find a teaching approach that helps players of all handicaps and ages to overcome internal barriers. His work offers the possibility of playing a round of golf which is based on awareness and relaxed concentration.

Vikas can be reached at: