Spirit of Golf

SOG LOGOSpirit of Golf was founded as a peak performance business in the late 1990’s. It’s mission was simple: to help high level golfers who wanted to improve the mental and emotional parts of the game.

The instant success of Spirit of Golf made it clear that a growing number of frustrated golfers with incredible physical talent – and seemingly little to show for it – recognized that something was sorely missing from their performance. Hence, the emphasis on mind skill development began as a dedicated and tangible part of the game.

Today, the visionary concepts and techniques of Spirit of Golf remain at the heart of what gets shared.  Now doing business as Peak Performance Mind Coaching, the name was changed in 2016 from Spirit of Golf in response to questions president and founder Tim N. Kremer received as he traveled the globe.

“Is Spirit of Golf just for golfers and golf?”  The answer, of course, was not at all.

The mind, after all, is the mind.

Tim continues his work with a growing number of professional golfers on all the major tours (PGA, LPGA, Web, Symetra, Champions).  He also increasingly coaches professional and aspiring athletes in other sports (tennis, volleyball, football, baseball, basketball, car racing), as well as musicians, artists, writers, business executives, and a host of others from every walk of life.

So while the name has changed, the pioneering concepts and techniques have not.  The mind, after all, is the mind.