August 12, 2017

Sometimes you have to play with it for a little while before you can tell the difference between what feels bad and what feels good.  That’s because it’s become “normal” to feel bad, and a lot of the things that come from this space seem like that’s the way life is supposed to be.  It’s when we lose touch with our own inner guidance that bad can addictively feel good.  It’s then we buy into philosophies (antiquated from what we now know of energy, consciousness, and the brain) that tell us that more effort yields greater results or that without pain there can be no gain.  Whenever we train the brain to look for problems and pain, we find plenty of problems and pain to look at and talk about (not to mention people who will gladly join us in our “chain of pain”).  Sadly, we wake up one day to feel that this paradigm – a mindset that we mistook for normal – became the cause of a lot of our misery and unhappiness.  It is then we start down a different road to get in touch with all we’ve ever really wanted surrounding whatever we do, which is to feel happiness and joy in as many moments as we can.



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